About us

Established in spring 2011 BuBu 7 is a brand name for dogs and cats product. Our idea is to manufacture products for our four-leg friends that would fully comply with all the required criteria. This means elegance, style, precise manufacturing as well as materials. Our products include dogs and cats’ beds, suits, collars, blankets and bowknots.

All these products are made of fabrics and leather produced in Italy. We select all the materials personally, directly at the producers place and pay close attention to the quality, consistence and colours. All the materials must comply with EU standards.

Our products are exclusively hand-crafted and being produced in the Czech Republic. We anxiously follow every step in the production process and final product must be presentation of a precise work of our couturieres. Since we often use hydro-repellent materials, some of our products, as for example beds or suits, are completely resistant to water and dampness. Products are therefore easily washable.

The suits designs would fully meet every need of your sweethearts as well as yours. We can offer also cardigans, waterproof warm jackets or lighter cloaks as well as sport or elegant and trendy apparel. Selection is great and ready to fit to any climatic conditions.

Through the BuBu7 project we aim to achieve high quality of manufacture production; we pay close attention to the articles variety stressing the right ratio of price and quality. We believe that by doing so we can satisfy requirements of all our clients. The complete range of our products can be found in our E–SHOP or in the most prestigious shops in the Czech Republic and worldwide.